House for rent for a whole year ! Wanna move to Canada !?

We leave in less than 150 days and on our list of things to do, we went to rent our house. And yes, the countdown is well and truly started.
Why not sell your house !?

About 5% of the around the world travelers decide to sell their house to help finance their trip. On paper, it is indeed an excellent idea. This allows you to have an additional amount to fully enjoy the long trip. In practice, we are not of this opinion.

Even if we are going to spend 12 months homeless, we are sure that we will be really happy to find the comfort of our home when we return. This final step makes us shudder with fear. So the mere idea of ​​having to stay in an apartment, at a relative’s home, or having to shop for a new home on the way home is not an option for us.

In addition, by finding reliable tenants, we can save the storage costs. This will allow us to avoid having recurring charges while we are away.

That’s why we prefer to rent it to a family that will take care of it for us.

Where ? For who ? When?

Located in Saint-Jérôme, 45 minutes north of Montreal, our house is one of seven on our street. We are the last house on a cul-de-sac street. Surrounded by 30,000 square feet of woodland, this is the ideal playground for children. Haven of tranquility, we can count on the fingers of one hand the number of cars that pass on the street, every day! A stream runs through our property, making it an ideal landmark for foxes, deer, herons, kingfishers and all other kinds of birds.

Located between exits 43 and 45, on Highway 15 North, two minutes from the grocery store and 5 km from the train station that can take you to Montreal in 45 minutes, its location is ideal. It is also located 45 minutes from Mont-Tremblant to be able to ski or camp without having to face the traffic!

The design of our house makes it ideal for a family with children. That said, considering the tranquility of the corner where it is located, it could as much please a couple looking for a little peace and nature.

If you are looking for a house, but you do not want to pay for a down payment. If you are not sure of the ideal place where you would like to build yours or if you have just arrived in Quebec and you do not want to break your head. Our house is for you!
So the house would be available from the beginning of July 2018.

What the rental includes

Our single family home is composed of a floor and a finished basement. That’s more than 1,800 feet of living space. There are three bedrooms (plus a single guest bed), two bathrooms, two living rooms, a large desk with two work plans, a workbench, a kitchen and a dining room, all is newly renovated.

In the best of all worlds, we lend you our appliances. As we cook a lot, we also leave you a Vitamix, a bread machine, an ice cream maker and a food processor. What to cook for the whole year ?

All bedding will also be at your disposal, only our belongings will be removed.

If you feel like it, we leave you our bicycles, scooters, snowshoes and so much more. The trampoline will also remain at your disposal.
The house is also equipped with a central vacuum of a slow combustion stove and a lawn mower.

In short, it should not miss much during your stay.

The house can also be rented without furniture.

The monthly fee is $ 1,500 CAN$, all inclusive (internet and heating included)

To contact us

Contact us if you are interested. We will find a way to get along!

If you’re interested, do not hesitate to contact us privately on Facebook to formalize the whole thing.
You can also write to to ask us your questions.

If you know someone who might be interested, please share our article. This will help us greatly!

P.S. If you need a car, our Toyota Sienna would be for sale …

In the meantime, here is a virtual tour of our home